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The growing importance of space for both commercial and defence purposes has also led to significant shifts in the geopolitical landscape, as countries seek to establish or strengthen their presence and influence in this domain. These developments have led to an increased focus on space capabilities and technologies, as nations look to enhance their defence capabilities and protect their interests in space. This has resulted in a growing demand for space-based assets and technologies such as satellites, launch vehicles, and ground control systems, as well as an increased focus on space research and development and its application in SAR, ISR, PNT etc.
With the traditional edge of existing space-faring nations being edged out by frequent and fast innovations, it is imperative to weave the cutting-edge of technology available in civil, commercial and defence space domains in the application, operationalization and protection of defence space capabilities.

IndSpace Exercise

We are excited to reintroduce the IndSpace Exercise after its resounding success during the first DefSAT. This industrial space wargame marked a significant milestone in India’s space endeavours. Steered by Lt Gen PJS Pannu (Retd) Former Dy Chief, IDS and chaired by Lt Gen Vinod G. Khandare (Retd)Principal Advisor to MOD, the exercise brought together participants from defence, government, industry, and defence think tanks. It effectively showcased the industry’s potential and underscored the vital role of the private sector in advancing India’s space security and defence position.
Defence Space India conference- DefSat-2024 being held from 07th - 09th of February 2024 in New Delhi.
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DefSAT 2024 by SIA-India aims to explore India's space ambitions with a focus on innovation, thought leadership, and disruptive technologies. It brings together diverse attendees, including government officials, military commanders, industry professionals, academics, scientists, and leaders in disruptive technologies from India and overseas.
The conference serves as a platform for organizations and countries interested in boosting India’s defence space capabilities. It focuses on delivering space domain awareness and satellite communications to enhance military operations. Additionally, it addresses issues related to securing funding for new space capabilities, expanding
  • India’s “exclusive destination” for defence space
    discussions, interactions, networking and business.
  • A Platform for G2B Engagements
  • A knowledge pool for meeting future requirements of Defence Space
  • Exclusive Defence SpaceTech Sessions to showcase unique solutions


  • 2nd Industrial Space War Game
  • Exclusive destination for defence space discussions, networking, and business
  • Platform for G2B Engagements
  • Knowledge pool for future defence space requirements
  • Exclusive Defence SpaceTech Sessions showcasing unique solutions
  • Insights on India's defence space capabilities and strategy
  • Discussions on modernizing defence architecture, communication security, etc.
  • In-depth discussions on space domain awareness and satellite communications
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities for defence, government, and industry
  • Interactions with DRDO, MoD, ISRO, academia, and international partners.
  • Exploration of securing funding for new space capabilities
  • Emphasis on expanding international partnerships
  • Showcasing cutting-edge space technologies and solutions
  • Perspectives on the integration of in-space artificial intelligence
  • A comprehensive view of space defence, small satellites,and space traffic management

Who should participate?

Government & Defence :

  • Govt Departments,Regulators & Policymakers
  • Army, Navy, Air Force, Paramilitary
  • DRDO, DOS, DST DOT, Ministry of Earth Observation, NDMA, Coast Guard

Satellite Industry:

  • Satellite Operators, Service Providers
  • System Integrators, Launch Vehicles
  • Ground, Terminal Equipment Manufacturers, Suppliers
  • VSAT Manufacturers, Distributors

Technology & Innovation:

  • Software, App Developers
  • Satellite-based IoT/M2M
  • Deep Tech Startups, Incubators, Hubs, Space Parks, Venture Capitslists
  • Academic, R&D Institutions
  • Standards Bodies, Law Firms

User Segments:

  • Agriculture, Oil & Gas, Railways, Healthcare, Banking, Fintech
  • Telecom Service Providers

Glimpses of Defsat 2023

Key Highlights

90 Indspace
Excercise Attendees

60+ Speakers

350+ Delegates

7 Govt. Supporting

 11 Partners

18 Supporting

470+ Participants

5 Knowledge

4 Media Partners

The DefSAT-2023 Conference held from 27-29 April at the Manekshaw Centre, New Delhi, marked a significant milestone in recognizing the convergence of various domains. The event focused on the intersection of strategy and industrialization of the space sector for national security. With 50 distinguished speakers and engaging sessions, the conference featured keynote speeches from special guests, including Shri S. Somanath, Shri G Satheesh Reddy, AVM DV Khot, Dr. Shailesh Nayak, Lt. Gen Tarun Kumar Aich, Lt. Gen PJS Pannu, Dr. Subba Rao Pavuluri, Lt Gen. Vinod G. Khandare, Air Marshal Surat Singh, Air Marshal Gurcharan Singh Bedi, and Shri Hari Babu Srivastava.

The conference brought together 300 diverse stakeholders, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration. Notable participation included leading organizations like ISRO, INSPACe, NSCS,

IDS-DSA, DoT, DRDO, and MOD, along with industry speakers from Ananth Technologies Limited, L&T, Centum Electronics, Raytheon, HawkEye 360, ST iDirect, Gilat, LeoLabs, and more. Pioneering startups like Kaleideo, Pinaca Labs, QuNu Labs, and others also contributed to the event's success.


Highlighting international significance, diplomatic representatives from various countries attended. Esteemed organizations such as Niti Aayog, MoD, DRDO, ISRO, NSIL, NIAS, RIS, CENJOWS, CAPS, CLAWS, and NMF supported the conference as knowledge partners, providing valuable insights into the future of technology in defence and space. The collaboration aimed to advance the space sector, strengthen defence capabilities, and ensure the secure and sustainable use of space assets.

"Recognizing the full potential of space for strategic purposes was previously limited to public and civilian applications. However, we now see a clear need to enhance our capabilities for national security and collaborate to scale up. India has the capability to launch reasonably, but further scaling up and generating demand is capital-intensive. We must reduce the cost of space access and drive application development. Decision-makers need to support and accelerate industry growth." Shri S. Somanath, Secretary Department of Space and Chairman, ISRO at DEFSAT 2023

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